Final Thoughts
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Well, not really final thoughts. There never will be such a thing here. Not from Freethinker.

Some of my opinions as a freethinker, as of today, are:

-Mathematics is probably THE most fundamental entity in existence and the origin of all else.

-Consciousness may also be a fundamental entity.  

-The existence of God is undecidable, unless God manifests himself in a way that leaves no room for doubt.

-The existence of the universe is an impenetrable mystery, unless God manifests himself in a way that leaves no room for doubt.

-Free Will is real.

-The universe is not deterministic.

-Living things, including us, are mere mechanisms.

No matter how many mysteries we solve, there will always be more. More than one scientist has made the mistake of thinking that physics has essentially solved all the problems and that only refinements will be forthcoming.

And there is probably no time to solve them all.  Whether the universe ultimately dies a cold death or eventually implodes, we only have a finite amount of time left before all knowledge is rendered meaningless.

If the universe collapses into a singularity, forming again the mother of all black holes, everything will lose meaning.  You see, A BLACK HOLE HAS NO HAIR. That expression really means that a black hole's properties reduce to MASS, CHARGE AND SPIN.   Anything else like our little earth, our pains, our accomplishments, our consciousnesses, etc., will leave NO TRACE.

Ultimately, the joke may be on us.  Perhaps we have absolutely no importance on the large-scale of things. We have these self-aggrandizing ideas about eternal life and so on.

We may just be systems of particles which for some reason, maybe because of a high degree of organization and the presence of certain complex processes, develop awareness.  Each one of us is aware for about a century out of an eternity. In the eternity that passed we did not exist. In the eternity to come we will never exist again.

Is there hope?

Well, the fact that there are many unsolved mysteries definitely provides some hope.

And there's certainly hope in The Mother of All Mysteries.